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  • Sustainable Waste Management: Food waste treatment; Landfill leachate treatment

  • Environmental Health: Disinfection byproducts; Antibiotic resistance genes; Microplastics

  • Environmental Biotechnology: Anaerobic membrane biotechnology; Bioelectrochemical systems

  • Water-Energy Nexus: Forward osmosis; Membrane distillation; Membrane fabrication; Advanced oxidation

Research Interests

Resource recovery from landfill leachate

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Forward osmosis of leachateNew Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

Incorporation of Fenton’s oxidation of landfill leachate with forward osmosis and humic acid recovery

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Disinfection byproducts formation during advanced oxidation of chloride-rich industrial wastewater

Advanced oxidation and disinfection byproducts

Removal of  ultraviolet quenchers  from landfill leachate using chemical oxidation

Graphical Abstract_Syeed_25th

Removal of  ultraviolet quenchers  from landfill leachate with a microbial fuel cell (MFC) and granular activated carbon (GAC)

ERER project review_Syeed

Integrated microbial desalination and forward osmosis for recovering resources from landfill leachate

Graphical Abstract21-s2.0-S0960852418301111-gr1

External application of forward osmosis (FO) for water recovery from wastewater using bioelectrochemical systems

Figures_Review paper_Syeed_6th October

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